Established Company

Established company with 10+ years of experience

From the outside, you would think this company with 1000+ employees was aware of all of the tax incentives and was using them to fuel their growth? Not exactly. They were aware of many potential tax savings, but like many of our clients, they are very good at their trade and focused on providing the best product and customer service to their clients. When we approached them, the first thing we have heard:

“We wanted to do this for a long time! However…”.

They also wanted to make their growing Payroll and HR department a bit more cash positive vs. just an operating expense. After a very careful review, our Experts were able to identify 3 areas of interest: Hiring, Retaining and Cost Segregation. Within a year, this thriving business was enjoying another half a million in savings towards their bottom line. And you guessed right:

The Payroll and HR department was now a profit center!