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    Ever wondered how some companies have better profit margin?
    A lot of it comes from using various tax incentives to reduce tax liability and increase cash flow.

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  • Millions in Credits

    Over the past years we have returned to our clients millions of dollars of unused credits and incentives. We can do the same for your business. You will be surprised be the number of Incentives out there.

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  • Georgia Tax Credit xChange

    We have helped many clients process the transfer of Georgia Land Conservation and Film Credits. It helped sellers to monetize unused credits and reduce tax liability for buyers.

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Tax Incentive/Credit or a Tax Deduction?

Tax Deductions:

Tax Deductions allow you to lower your income by the amount of the deduction and therefore pay less tax.

Tax Credits or Incentives:

Reduce your tax or tax liability dollar for dollar. There are many ways to realize this benefit: Income, Property Tax, Withholding Tax, Sales Tax etc. But the key here is to know what credits apply to your business or personal return. There are over 90+ programs out there to work with and 9 of 10 businesses qualify for an incentive but only 1 out of 9 use them.

Why not both?

In certain instances, you can receive a State Level Tax Credit and a Federal Deduction in one place.  If you want to lower your taxes: Let us know and it will be our pleasure to help!

Our Expertise:

  • Employment Credits

    Labor is one of the highest expenses on any income statement. Hiring credits can offset some of that cost.

  • Location Credits

    Your business can be in a special location that could result in significant tax savings.

  • Film Credits

    Are you looking to make your next movie in Georgia and receive up to 30% of your eligible production expenses as a transferable tax credit? You have come to the right place. We will help you secure the credit and monetize it in under 48 hours upon approval.

  • Tax Credits xChange

    Do you need monetize a ‘carry over’ transferrable Federal or State Tax Credit? Our fully electronic method could help make the transaction very easy for you. Buying a Tax Credit is also very easy and can save you a substantial amount on taxes. Find out how.

Our Goal: Lower your Taxes through Tax Incentives and Deductions

Click on each Client Story to see how Tax Incentives Inc was able to
help a particular company/individual lower their tax liability by using available Tax Incentives or Tax Deductions.

Our Price Proposal is simple: We only work on Commission

Unlike some other Tax Credit Consultants we only get paid when you benefit from a Tax Creditnot when it is approved. This is why we call ourselves Experts!

Few words from our clients:

Adam Woodward

Without Michael’s in depth training and commitment to continually guiding us through the extensive workings of the tax credit industry our company would not have been able to add this complimenting service to our business model

Adam WoodwardOperations ManagerSheakley

We never knew our little business could be eligible for a tax credit. Now it is part of our growth strategy thanks to Experts!

JessicaOwnerStepping Stones Academy

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