Training Credits

It is possible you have filed your 2013 Corporate Return or perhaps thinking on how to get it all done by September/October 15th?

There is a simple way to save money on Georgia Taxes:

See if you have had any staff training in 2013?

Specifically if you have installed a new software or purchased a machinery that required extensive training. You may be eligible to receive up to $500 per person, per course and up to $1,250 per year in Georgia Income Tax Credit.

Now of course there is a bit of work involved to get the credit, but that is where we can help!

2014 Federal Conservation Easement (Tax Deduction) Season is OPEN!

Wow! That was fast! Half of 2014 is behind us and it is time to think about tax planning for this year. We have 3 properties available for your to evaluate as a potential tax savings opportunity. As you know, under a Federal Conservation Easement Program a piece of land can help preserve our natural resources while providing a very substantial tax deduction to individuals or companies. Typical savings could be as much as 100% and that is worth thinking about now. Here are some details on it.

The most important part is not delay until 12/31, but do your homework now and select the best opportunities out there. We believe our solution will fit you, your accountant and of course attorney very well! Give us a call.

Film Credits

We have received a substantial amount of calls lately about Film Tax Credits in Georgia. As you may know Georgia is a hot place for some movie productions such as Catching Fire, Fast and Furious 7 and many more. While big Studios might have a grip on how it works, we want to help everyone else film their next production in our State. Not only we will help you with the paperwork, we will also make sure you can make your tax credit turn into cash within 48 hours after approval. Now that is a wrap!