No more Georgia Withholding Tax in 2014: $17,500

We are happy to report on a great progress for a fantastic start up company in the State of Georgia. As we all know first year of any business is tough, you are juggling everything from sales to payroll. One thing that could make life a little less hectic is less tax. After working with our client:

We were able to completely eliminate Georgia Withholding Tax for the next 12 months! $17,500 in total!

Not only did this help the business save some money, but they were even more frugal and used the money right away to hire 3 additional staff members! Great Job!!!

Time to file 2013 tax returns for your INC

It is that time of the year!

Filing tax returns could be painful. First of all, if you are doing it on time: CONGRATULATIONS! If you are doing it and have tax credits to apply to your return: EVEN Better!

On average we have noticed our clients filing their taxes on time with our tax incentives package in hand. Why wait!!!!

We are almost there with our new site!

After working for the past two weeks, we have released and updated version of our website. There is still more work to be done, but we hope you enjoy your visit. Over time, there will be many discussions about various tax incentive topics and hopefully you will find some of them worth your time!

Take care,

Tax Incentives Inc